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Crisis Communications, Planning and Response

When a crisis strikes, will you be ready? If you want to be prepared to provide an immediate response in a crisis, develop effective strategies for pre-empting or managing a crisis, and avoid critical mistakes that can cause long-term reputation damage, this training is for you.

We offer customized highly interactive workshops focused on persuasive crisis communications — both internal and external – and development of essential skills for speaking to the media during a crisis. We also provide in-depth information on crisis planning, preparation, prevention and response and how social media can contribute to a crisis – or work for you.

Through hands-on exercises and simulated practice interviews, participants will learn how to:

  • Create a crisis plan and get buy-in ahead of time
  • Establish clear communications goals and key messages to support them
  • Readily get your messages across
  • Identify target audiences and create a spot-on communications strategy for each
  • Choose the right messenger
  • Earn trust and build credibility
  • Handle tough questions and adversarial situations
  • Reduce the chances of being misquoted or taken out-of-context

Participants will practice planning crisis response strategies, and will have multiple on-camera opportunities, answering reporters’ questions during simulated crises. The interviews are followed by coaching and feedback.

We offer ½ day, daylong, or 1 ½ workshops either at your location or in our Nashville office, depending on your needs. Before the training, we will conduct an individual needs assessment to help make sure the training experience is as relevant as possible.